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The following are the rules that you must follow to be a user on LewdChat, and they apply to everybody. Our site rules are upheld in main channels by our staff members (people with ~, &, @ or %). On the off chance that you have to report something to a staff member, kindly do this in a private message and not in the chatrooms. If you fail to follow these rules, or refuse to do so, you will be warned, and potentially muted, kicked or banned from the main channels should you continue to break the rules. The main channels on LewdChat are #lewd, our main room for general chatting and #LewdRP, our roleplay and generally more NSFW room. There is also #help if you require help from our staff, #lewdchat if you wish to help out with the site itself, or #LewdStars for our registered users only.

* Lewdchat is an 18+ adult site

This means that, regardless of whether your local regulation's age of consent is below 18, you must be both eighteen years of age or older and meet your own local age of consent requirement. Should it be discovered that you are below this age, you will be banned from the network. Should you discover that another user is below this age, you are required to contact a staff member to report this along with proof as staff cannot simply take your word on this matter due to the possibility of lying. Failure to report an underage user may result in a ban.

* No Hate Speech or Abusive Behavior

Lewdchat is used by all kinds of people from all over the world, and as such we have no tolerance for racism, sexism, Nazism, homophobia, transphobia or insulting of any political or religious group or kinks/ideas. This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be muted, kicked or even banned if you continue it. Similarly, we do not tolerate "trolling", name calling, threatening or abusing other users and if you do such you will be muted, kicked or banned.

* English Only

LewdChat is a site used by people from all over the world, and the main language utilised in our main channels (#lewd, #LewdRP) is English. While a word, phrase, or a line or two of different language is permitted and other languages are allowed in PMs or a non-official channel, full sentences and conversations are prohibited. Other languages are difficult for our staff team to moderate, and also can alienate most users. You will be reminded and warned if you fail to follow this rule, or potentially kicked or muted should it continue.

* Don’t Join With Multiple Nicks/Personas

Our site allows you to connect via the site itself or a client, but please do not use more than one client at the same time. It can make things very confusing, or can be downright lying if you're connected as multiple people and pretending not to be. Similarly, while it is fine to use a different name now and then when you connect, please do not come on with multiple personas as pretending to be different people is not allowed and impersonating others is similarly frowned upon. Should you fail to adhere to this you will be warned, or kicked/banned should you ignore those warnings.

* No Advertising

LewdChat is not a site to be used for the advertising of other sites (especially chats), businesses or otherwise. This includes webcam shows on sites like skype, or self promotion via handing out your social medias. This includes snapchat, instagram, discord, kik, and other sites like those. Similarly, the main channels are not the place to ask for other user's social medias.

* No Spamming/Flooding

LewdChat likes to allow users to express themselves and be open. However, while all caps is allowed for one or two words, maybe a few lines now and then, please do not write solely in all caps at all times, or for too many messages in a row (usually anywhere over 4 or 5). Similarly, please do not spam our channels with the same messages repeatedly, and try and avoid any large blocks of text. You can always put large blocks of text in pastebin, or send as a snippet on irccloud, instead of posting it straight to the channel. As well as this, try to avoid spamming LewdBot commands, such as "@seen" or any variant of "@bang". For the seen particularly, you can privately message the bot with "seen #lewd name" without spamming the main channels. If you fail to follow these guidelines and any warnings for spamming you may be muted or kicked/banned if it is done enough.

* No Misconfigured Bots

Do not bring bots or scripts which disrupt the chat into our channels, such bots/users will be warned, muted, kicked or banned where necessary.

* Respect Channel Moderators

Always follow directions given by our staff members (people with ~, &, @ or %). Listen to them when they remind you of a rule or warn you, and do not attack, abuse or insult them. They are there for a reason, and when they tell you to do or not to do something it's because they are enforcing the rules. Failure to listen to or respect the moderators will result in mutes, kicks or bans.

* No Ban Evasion

Do not intentionally attempt to evade a ban, it will be noticed and you must wait until your ban expires or is removed.

* Requesting

While the site is of course called LewdChat, and one of our main focuses is on users having a safe and pressure-free sexting or roleplay experience, there is a certain way to go about things that is considered more dignified. Try to avoid making your first message a vague plea for lewd activity. While it is allowed to ask, you should be respectful and ask politely rather than being rude or insisting, and you are likely to get better results by being respectful.

* NSFW Content/Roleplay in #lewd

If you wish to post a lewd image or story in #lewd, or lewd content in general, please mark it as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in the message with the link. When it comes to public roleplay, we ask that you do not roleplay (in general, not just Erotic RP) in #lewd. #LewdRP exists for the purpose of roleplay, and while the occasional casual action command here and there is totally fine, full on rp and especially that of a sexual nature must stay in #LewdRP or in Private Messages (PMs). Failure to do so will result in a warning, and continuation after that may result in a mute, kick or ban from the channel.

* Content of Roleplay

When roleplaying in #LewdRP, things are a little more lenient. However, please try to avoid certain extreme topics such as forced sexual activity, self-harm or even suicide, or graphic violence that is described in detail. Those sorts of things can be distressing for our users and as such we would ask you to take roleplays of that content to PMs or a temporary or privately owned room.

* No Interrupting RP

If you join #LewdRP and come across an in-progress roleplay, there are ways to go about interacting in this. If you wish to join in, you can ask someone involved in it privately, or even in the room itself (maybe using brackets to denote an "out of character" moment). However, if you are told no, that means no. Do not try and interject in the RP without consent from the other players. Do not try and make yourself the focus of someone else's RP. Similarly, if you join and people are playing, do not feel the need to comment on or mock the roleplay. It's impolite to belittle or criticise a roleplay for any reason, whether you don't like it or whether you feel it's not detailed enough, just don't comment on it or leave the room (unless it is breaking the previous rule, then please inform a staff member).